Rebecca Ruchti
word and object
object and voice 

24h soothing care
exhibition with objects and audio voice,  
The exhibition was open vor 24 hours in the second plain of the Untersberg quarry in Salzburg (AT).

Ten elements were placed in this plain. All a result of two months of research while living in one of the former working houses in the quarry. The used material was already on the site (stone in different aggregates, steel, wood) or a result of negotiation with local workers (towels, soap, sanitary paper). A Bluetooth box was the only thing I brought. The audio files, that were played are described below.

For the exhibition I cleared the area from debris.

Most of the Untersberg marble (in fact a limestone) being mined here will become bathroom tiles. The installation confronted the raw material with elements of its possible future: a bathroom.

The sound of purling water connected past (the area was ancient sea), present (water is used within the mining process) and the future of the Untersberg marble.
As background sound it accompanied...

...a singing voice under the shower, which echoed in the quarry. The voice surrogated lyrics of well-known songs with humming, clicking and warbling - the different songs blurred into one. From light and airy to fervent to unstable and insecure.

list of objects:

shower head (album of 18 songs), 2020,  female voice, audio (loop)
, 2020, cast soap tiles and soap panels on sanitary paper, 100x60x1 cm
The soap has its own smell, becomes limp when it is warm and sweats when it is hot.

Untitled, 2020, shaped and polished limestone, towel, 24x24x13cm

pft pft pfft pfft pfff pfffff pft pfffft pft pft pft pft pft ft, 2020, pressed marble dust, wood, size variable
The calcium carbonate obtained from marble dust is ingredient of many toothpastes

untitled, 2020, marble on a pile of marble scraps (size variable)