Rebecca Ruchti
word and object
object and voice

Exhibition in a gravel pit in the countryside of the Bavarian Fünfseenland. It was formed by glaciers during the last ice age.

Objects out of stone, clay, glass, paper, nylon and soap were placed there. The placement and accessability during the five-day exhibition were determined by the site workers activity. The placement influenced the arrangement of the objects. At least two different arrangements per day took place.

Information about some objects:

Untitled, 2019, limestone (shaped and polished) and white marble, 11x5x2cm

Untitled, 2020, hollowed-out ceramic, 25x15x15cm
The appearence of the object, its surface quality and format is exactly the same as the one of a ceramic block coming out of its plastic packaging. It has been hollowed-out, fired and now weighs very little.
The object has a counterpart: The extracted clay is massive, red and looks similar to a brick. It weighs a lot.

Untitled, 2020, cast and pressed post-it-paper, 7x7x7cm
Used post-it-papers from private households and of ces were pulped with water. During the mixing process all text dissolved. The paper pulp was cast and then pressed for several weeks.

Untitled, 2019, molten glass, 13x4,5x0,6cm