Rebecca Ruchti
word and object
object and voice 

schü d’orr 
exhibition with objects and audio voice in a hotel room in Hotel Mariandl, Munich.

This exhibition is about refreshing orange juice in the morning, that is often served for breakfast during a hotel stay. 
The window was kept open during the whole exhibition, so the room was cold temperatured  and had a continous wind breeze. The name of the exhibition refers to the audio voice, that was played in loop.  

schü d’orr, 2021, human voice, the word orange juice in over 20 different languages, 1:02min
untitled (inhale, exhale), 2021, three objects out of pressed coasters, ca. 60x60x30cm,  60x60x15cm,  60x60x3cm 
Glas, 2021, glass, 28/120cm

untitled (Bündel), 2021, glazed ceramic