Rebecca Ruchti
word and object
object and voice

silhouettes of barking dogs (video, 4:31 min.)

The work is a reflection on the disconnected states of being of watch dogs at Boulevard National in Marseille. During the heat of the day, the dogs lie silently in the artificial light of the supermarkets they are supposed to protect. But at night, their disembodied voices, at least temporarily freed from their muzzles, roam the sleeping neighborhood in the inner courtyard.” - Leo Heinik

full video 

The video shows an excerpt from the performance project entre chien et loup, which was developed for the soundscape of an inner courtyard in Marseille.
The performance on site consisted out of three elements:

I. Ohren und Augen, introductory text
II. Silhouettes of barking dogs (1 - 15), colored satin fabrics, variable size
III. racket ball ball ground, text, read over loudspeakers at certain intervals