Rebecca Ruchti
word and object
object and voice

frizzante, free santé 
exhibition with objects, text and audio

frizzante, free santé deals with the loss of fundamental structures of perception. What happens if the known relations between surface, materiality, shape and use are mixed through?
It is about legibility and illegibility. About transformation. About familiar materiality or surface in an unfamiliar shape or vice versa. Think of the stack of din A4 soap.
A dissolving or liquefying of language, form, material, information.
The exhibition title comes from  audio file, that plays in loop during the exhibition.

The audio file contains the sound of sparkling water and the sound of fingertaps on glass. The fluidity of sparkling water refers to formlessness and its texture to an ongoing transformation.
The human voice deconstructs the word sparkling water in over 20 languages. The voice parallels the named liquid in his formlessness and transforming forms/words. 

The shape of the two glass objects results from the finger movement performed on the smart phone when typing the words strange and cousin. These words refer to a somehow familiar and at the same time not so familiar relation.

strange, 2022, melted glass, ca. 50x60x0,3cm
cousin, 2022, melted glass, ca. 55x70x0,3cm
sneak de rêve, 2022, written poem
untitled (Stapel), 2022, soap, Din A4 (stacked)
untitled, 2022, metal, textile, baking pan, rope

frizzante, free santé, 2022, human voice, languages, sound of sparkling water and fingertaps on glass